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Blitzen Berry - Boss Babe Body Coffee Scrub

Krysten's Kitchen

November 29, 2016

Since Boss Babe Body launched in July of 2014, I have been a big fan. A Georgia based company, Boss Babe Body is a line of organic scrubs that are made of essential oils, cold pressed oils and real God-made ingredients. The founder and creator, Ashlee Wilson Hawn, is a former Miss Georgia Teen, television personality, philanthropist, Women’s Empowerment Speaker and entrepreneur. 

Shop Small This Year!

ra goods

November 22, 2016

The absolutely gorgeous owner, Ashlee Wilson, is a former Miss Teen Georgia, a reality star, and a successful business entrepreneur. She created her own remedy for common and/or severe skin issues and turned it into a successful business. Her homemade scrub is a favorite all over the country!

The Girls Govern Town Hall Conference

CCI Students at NOVA

October 11, 2016

We were also embraced by the presence of Ashlee Wilson Hawn, the founder and CEO of RedCycle and Boss Babe Body. She started her organization which aims to supply young ladies with free sanitary pads; when she was down and out. I was amazed to see that the sanitary pad struggle is not only in my country South Africa, but that it's an international crisis. The ladies speech inspires me to want to do more for ladies of my generation and by doing that I also will be inspiring others to help more and be more involved.

Girls Rights Take Stage At #GirlsGovern Town Hall

Womens eNews

September 22, 2016

Equal parts non-partisan rally and inspirational gathering, “Own the Mic” highlighted women and girls who could serve as role models for the audience members, including Ashlee Wilson Hawn, a former Miss Georgia Teen and reality TV show star turned entrepreneur. Hawn talked about starting her beauty company Boss Babe Body, which sells moisturizer, the day after she ended what she referred to as “a very turbulent relationship” with her boyfriend. That was two years ago. Now her products sell in 11 countries.

Boss Babe Body

Avia Mikaela Lim

June 21, 2016

Hey guys!

This is my third review on body scrubs thus far and I could not get enough of them! 

All these scrubs are packed with their indicidual benefits and the results just always leave me in awe! 

I was really happy to be given the chance to work with Boss Babe Body

Summer Skin Tips

Simply Stunning Medi Spa

May 02, 2016

Exfoliate your body with a hydrating scrub. We recommend that our clients use Boss Babe Body coffee scrub because of it’s high quality organic ingredients including essential oils that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Don’t forget to moisturize your body after. 

Beauty Buzz: Serums and Scrubs

Thirty Something Fashion

April 04, 2016

I found this gem through a friend on Instagram. It's amazing how social media can expose you to products and people that you would have never discovered in a million years otherwise. If you follow along you know... I love to exfoliate. Like seriously addicted to it. I have used body scrubs in the past, but nothing ever stuck. Fortunately, with the introduction of Boss Babe, I no longer have to try out anything new... this will be a shower staple for years to come.

2015 Guide For Your Girlfriend

The Chive

December 01, 2015

I'm one rough, tough, hydrating, toning 100% organic coffee scrub packed full of natural ingredients to give you the smooth, sexy, slim & healthy body of a Boss Babe! I may be rough, but that's what it takes to knock out cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, and acne!

Boss Babe Body in British Vogue

British Vogue

July 01, 2015

Boss Babe Body was recently featured in British Vogue.

Buckhead's Rising Stars

Simply Buckhead

July 01, 2015

Last year (Ashlee Wilson Hawn) began researching how to make her own body scrub with coffee grinds and ginkgo from her parents' farm in South Georgia. Friends and family raved about the end product, so she made 1,000 bags last July, which sold out in a day and a half via social media. Before Christmas she had hired a staff, and had sold her products to 6,000 people in six countries.


Today her Boss Babe Body line includes three scrubs and sells in select salons all across the globe. In July her scrub is being featured in British Vogue. 


"I want to change women's lives in a powerful way," Wilson-Hawn says. "I feel like many women don't feel sexy, and I want to give them their 'sexy' back."

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